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Do I need to complete all of the options under the “My Health” section?

No, please choose just 1 of the “My Health” options to fulfill this portion of the Health Premium Credit Program.

Does my spouse and/or domestic partner need to complete the requirements for the Health Premium Credit Program?

If your spouse or domestic partner is covered under your State of Maine health plan, then they do need to register for a WellStarME account and complete each of the requirements.

Do my dependents (26 years and younger) need to complete the requirements for the Health Premium Credit Program?


If my numbers fall outside of the program year, can I still use them?

No, your numbers must fall within the program year in order to use them. If you have questions on whether your numbers fall within the program year, please contact us at 207-620-9202 or wellstar@mcdph.org.

Can I access my WellStarME account at home even if I signed up with my State of Maine email address?

Absolutely! Think of the email address you use to sign-in as a log-in name. You can access your WellStarME account with this information from your home computer, phone, and/or tablet.

When will I see the 5% discount on my premium after I complete the requirements?

If you complete all of the requirements for the Health Premium Credit Program, then you will see the discount on the first paycheck you receive after July 1st.

Do both my spouse and I receive the discount?

No, only the primary subscriber receives the discount on their premiums.

If I am retired, do I need to complete the Health Premium Credit Program?

No, this program applies to active State of Maine employees only. If you are unsure which plan you are on, please call the Office of Employee Health and Wellness at 1-800-422-4503.