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I believe I am having browser issues...

Internet browsers are finicky at times. While most State of Maine employees are on a standard browser that has been tested with WellStarME, some ancillary employees, retirees, or others may choose to use WellStarME from home or a non-standardized State of Maine computer.

Potential browser issues and recommendations:

1. If it is available to you, Google Chrome or Firefox tend to work perfectly, without a lot of the security/compatibility issues that users often run into with Internet Explorer.

2. If you're having issues, you may want to check with your IT Department to see if you are blocking cookies completely. This is rare, but still possible. If you add https://wellstarme.org to your Safe Sites list (instructions below), that may alleviate your issue.
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3. If you are still having problems, you can contact WellStarME at 207-620-9202, or email us at wellstar@mcdph.org